SSD Upgrade

Major Speed Gains From an SSD Drive

Speed upgrade with an SSD Drive

Issues With Traditional Drives

When a computer starts to slow down, there are several possible reasons. The most common is the hard drive beginning to degrade. A standard hard drive is mechanical, with spinning disks and moving read arms. These disks spin at over 5400 rpm.

Over time, parts of the hard drive can become worn or damaged. Replacement of these drives, on a like for like basis, will help restore the computer back to its original performance speed. However, a new kid is on the block and rapidly replacing these traditional drives with new speed and efficiency.

SSD Drives (Solid State Drives) are digital hard drives, with no moving parts or heat generation and have several advantages over the traditional drive.

  • Not susceptible to magnetic damage
  • Up to 5 times faster read / write times
  • No noise or heat
  • Not affected by movement


An new SSD drive including the labour to fit, will cost you a third of the price of a new computer. Contact PC Repair LEEDS to book your upgrade!



The cost of SSD drives has now become a lot more affordable and replacing the hard drive in a laptop, desktop pc or Mac, gives your computer extra life expectancy.

PC Repair Leeds have been replacing traditional drives with SSD equivalents for over 12 months, since the technology came onto the market. The upgrade is ideal for any computer less than 4 years old and could enable you to defer the cost of a new pc for anything up to 2 years. The computer will run faster and more reliably increasing usage efficiency.

The procedure is cost effective and relatively quick. Once the data has been safely backed up, the new drive and a clean OS is installed, the data is restored and your computer is better than new. A SSD costs from as little as £75.00 and labour is between 1-2 hours.

In a business organisation, as well as at home, the cost of replacing a computer can be prohibitive. Upgrading the hard drive will save you money and time.

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