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New Computer From PC Repair Leeds

PC Repair Leeds would be privileged to supply you with a professionally hand built new computer, complete with a 2 year hardware warranty.

When you need a new computer, there are many choices on the high street, and generally, the specification of each make and model means little to anyone other than a computer engineer. At PC Repair Leeds, we build computers that will be suitable for your needs and will run efficiently for years to come. To help you with your choice of a new computer, we have listed the main components below along with an explanation as to their function.

Processor or PSU – This is the engine of your computer. Like a car, the higher number, the faster the processor. I.e .1.6GHZ is slower than a 3.2GHZ

Ram – This the room needed by the processor to do its calculations. The more ram, the faster the machine. The average is 4GB, although 8GB is becoming more widely used.

Graphics Card – This device outputs the display of your computer to your monitor. If you are a gamer or graphics designer, the type of graphics card is very important and is a major decing factor when purchasing a new PC

Hard Drive – Traditionally, the hard drive is mechanical., with spinning disks inside. These drives are being replaced with the much faster (up to 5 times faster) Solid State Drives (SSD’s)

DVD Drive – Many new computers do not have an optical drive such as a DVD or CDRW drive. USB thumb drives are replacing the disk technology for daily backup procedures music sharing. Software drivers for devices such cameras and printers are available for download from the internet.

We do not supply “cheap” PCs. The reason is simple.

A “cheap” PC has to run the same operating system, just the same as a high end computer. The operating system is the same size and no matter what system it runs on. It still has to perform the same procedures. If you have a “cheap” computer, it will perform these procedures slowly. A faster machine will perform them quicker.

A “cheap” computer also has another downside. As well as being slow, cheaper components are used which do not have the durability of a more high end component. The performance difference between cheap RAM and a good quality RAM is very noticeable. The lifespan of a “cheap” computer is likely to be shorter than a quality pc. Additionally, if you require service on your machine, a slower machine will take more time to work on, costing more in labour.

Ram for new computer

Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoAny new computer, whether built by PC Repair Leeds or from a high street provider, will come installed with Windows 10 as the operating system. Windows 10 is now the most used OS and is one of the most reliable. Whilst many people stick to the older systems, we can only provide Windows 10 Home or Pro versions.

Our machines are hand built using high quality parts and have a 2 year hardware warranty. We will assist Clients to move their data from older machines and also help with updating software such as Microsoft Office and anti-virus software.

The minimum specification of our computers is below. Using this combination of hardware provides for a fast and reliable machine for either home or business use.

Intel I3 processor 1151 socket

4GB DDR4 Ram

Gigabyte motherboard

Bronze rated Power Supply

Windows 10 Pro

SSD Hard Drive with a minimum read /write of 500 MBps

Our prices are competitive with the high street and come with a 2 year hardware guarantee. We will be happy to build to any specification you require.

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