NAS Drive

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NAS Drive
In a business network, there are a variety of ways of sharing data between staff. A few years ago, most computers in a work environment were connected by a server. A server is similar to a pc, with the same hardware, but the software was specifically designed to control the workstations. Servers were and still are expensive to buy (in the region of £2500+) and expensive to support (normally around £1200+ per year). However, small and medium sized businesses still need the facilities offered by a server but without the expensive price tag.

Enter the NAS drive. A NAS (Network attached storage) drive is a small computer, running web based software that provides the majority of functions of a server but with a much smaller price tag. There are a variety of brands of NAS drive on the market, but here at PC Repair Leeds, we like to use Synology, a leading manufacturer in their industry.

A NAS drive offers a wide range of features that will help a business securely share data with staff, along with remote off-site access.

A NAS drive will provide the following features, beneficial to any size of business:

  • Hierarchical access – This feature allows different staff to access certain files depending upon access rights.
  • Remote offsite support – Staff can work from home or any location in the world and still access their work files
  • Controlled staff access – Govern when staff are allowed to access data.
  • Duplicate file prevention – Just like within a Windows network, if a file is open and another staff member attempts to access it, a duplicate warning is given
  • Numerous Applications – Built into a NAS are many different applications such as CCTV monitoring and Media streaming
  • Centralised Backup – Easy functionality to backup data both locally and off-site


A Synology NAS drive will cost around £700 dependant upon size of hard drives and setup.

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