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PC Repair Leeds have teamed up with the leading off-site back-up specialist company, Carbonite, one of the worlds leading online computer backup solution providers, to help keep your important and often business critical data safe and secure. Loss of data is one of the most common threats to a modern business and is one of the easiest to avoid.

Carbonite are one of the US’ largest and more reliable backup solutions, with tailored packages for both residential and business Clients. PC Repair Leeds have been using the company for several years and found the service works well and is cost effective. As a registered Carbonite reseller, we receive the highest level of support when needed which relates directly to the service we can provide to our clients.

Whilst there are many on and off-site backup solutions, there is a strong reason to use an off-site solution. Ransomware virus attacks are becoming more frequent and ever more ingenious in their method of attacking your PC. Whether it is a link on a website or an attachment to an email, once your computer is infected, your data is at risk of permanent loss. A ransomware virus does as the name suggests. Once it has installed itself, all picture and document files will be encrypted. A ransom message will the appear requesting payment to unlock the files. Even if you pay the ransom, it is highly unlikely your files will be un-encrypted. There is no solution to this virus. However, if you have an offsite backup solution that offers version history, in the event of infection, your provider can perform a “roll back” and recover your files from before the infection.

Whilst there are many alternative online computer backup providers, it is important to ensure a provider offers a variety of important services:

  • Highest level of data encryption.
  • 30 day versions of data.
  • Custom configuration.
  • State of the art data centres.
  • Mac, Android, IOS and Windows compatible.

Many clients of PC Repair Leeds have asked how to ensure their valuable data can be securely backed up away from the home and business.

We have done in depth research and found many companies offering a backup system but our supplier ticks all the boxes.

PC Repair Leeds is now able to provide MONITORED remote backup systems from as little as £15.00 per month plus VAT, providing you with peace of mind that your crucial data is safe and secure. This is one of the most competitive rates available within the industry. Additionally, PC Repair Leeds will be monitoring your scheduled backups in real time, and in the event a backup does not occur, we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.

If you would like to know more about our Computer Backup Solutions, then contact PC Repair Leeds today for a bespoke quote.

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